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Swing Can Really Hang You Up The Most - Alf Clausen Jazz Orchestra
Captain Perfect - Bob Summers (Trumpet), Dan Higgins (Soprano Sax) Listen!
Just Feelin' So Blue - Brian Scanlon (Alto Sax) Listen!
Trollin' For Thadpoles - Andy Martin (Trombone), Bob Summers (Trumpet) Listen!
Lookin' For The Back Door - Mike Lang (Piano), Warren Luening (Trumpet) Listen!
Samba De Elencia - Terry Harrington (Tenor Sax), Bob McChesney (Trombone) Listen!
Brief Encounter - Dan Higgins (Alto Sax), Bob Summers (Trumpet) Listen!
Ballad For Gary - Mike Lang (Piano), Brian Scanlon (Soprano Sax) Listen!
A Final Farewell - Bob Summers (Trumpet), Dan Higgins (Alto Sax) Listen!
A Pair Of Threes - Warren Luening (Trumpet), Bob Efford (Baritone Sax) Listen!
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - Bob Summers (Trumpet) Listen!

Alf Clausen - conductor, composer, arranger
Dan Higgins - soprano sax, alto sax, flute, piccolo
Brian Scanlon - soprano sax, alto sax, flute
Bob Sheppard - tenor sax, flute, clarinet
Terry Harrington - tenor sax, flute, clarinet
Bob Efford - baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute
Gary Grant - Trumpet, flugelhorn
Charley Davis - trumpet, flugelhorn
Warren Luening - trumpet, flugelhorn
Chuck Findley - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bob Summers - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bob Payne - trombone
Andy Martin - trombone
Bob McChesney - trombone
Alan Kaplan - bass trombone
Mike Lang - piano
Ken Wild - acoustic bass
Bernie Dresel - drums
Lenny Castro - latin percussion (tracks 5,8,10)
Murray Adler - musicians' contractor
Rick Riccio- engineer and ProTools mixer
Christine Sirois- assistant engineer
Kyle Clausen - ProTools operator and editor
Greg Prechel - sound consultant and production assistance
Joe Gastwirt- mastering
Alf Clausen - all arrangements and orchestrations
Bob Cassens, Jim Weisheit and Alf Clausen - music preparation
Jo Ann Kane Music Service - score preparation
Carin Baer, Marijke Van Niekerk and Sally Clausen- session photography
Tim Rogerson- cover and tray card art

Produced by Alf Clausen